Casualties of the State

Meme Design Contest

Publicize our drama-thriller film, "Casualties of the State." We will drive social media users to our film's website, where they can find out about the movie and buy it.

Here's an example by one of our producers. It's OK, but many can do better:

Example Meme by Alan
  • $50 gift card for the designer whose meme is the highest shared.

  • Separately, the top 3 designs will be chosen by the producers of Casualties of the State.

  • The top designer gets a copy of "Casualties of the State: The Shooting Script, Featuring Behind the Scenes with the Filmmakers," including a book plate designed and signed by Alan Lamberg, one of the authors.

  • All winners of this contest get a free digital copy of "Casualties of the State."

For details, see Rules, Terms, and Conditions.

Please follow the instructions, otherwise your meme may be disqualified.

Multiple entries allowed. Memes must use images and text that we provided, though images can be edited and cropped.

Two versions required:

  • Version 1: Per instructions

  • Version 2: Must include one or both of the following text:


    • #Truth1stCasualty

Use our images, which are available in this folder on Dropbox.

Each image is indexed with text. You can find the index in a spreadsheet on Dropbox. Or, if you prefer reading a PDF.

Questions about the index are answered below.

Shape: True square.
Size: Minimum: 1,000 pixels; maximum: 2,048 pixels.

Description: We strongly encourage a title and/or short sentence describing your meme. (Include this only in your e-mail, not in the meme itself.)

Qualifying memes will be posted on the social networks of Corner Film Productions, which are associated with "Casualties of the State." Entrants will be notified by email and receive links to all posts for sharing purposes.

Submit to:

We won't use your e-mail for marketing purposes. If you prefer to join "The Corner Bloc" and be notified about discounts to our movie and products, we invite you to sign up.

For more examples of excellent memes, check out Oculus, the movie.

This contest begins on October 1, 2015 and ends on February 29, 2016. Results will be tabulated at 11:59 p.m. on February 29, 2016. The results are then published on this website. The winners notified for their award by e-mail.

An Internet meme is an image representing an idea that spreads through word-of-mouth or social media.

The "highest shared" meme is the one that has the highest count of shares, totaled across the social networks of Facebook, Google+, Instagram, PinInterest, and Twitter. The count must be exclusively through Corner Film's social media networks.

The "top three (3) designers" will be those individuals who submitted memes that were chosen for their artistic merit. (We want to make this more than a popularity contest. We want to award artists who knock our socks off.) The producers of "Casualties of the State" are Jeremy Cropf, Alan Lamberg, Alex Shirley, V. Elly Smith, and Scott Stoltz. Producers will come to a consensus and choose the top 3 memes together.

The "top designer" will be chosen from the top three designers. This designer will be chosen by the same producers listed above.

A designer being "showcased" means we will recommend the designer by name and display some samples of their work. If the designer wants to be for hire, we can display public contact information.

The "social network of Corner Film Productions" is comprised of these websites:

  • (total number of "shared" and "likes")

  • Google+ Page of Corner Film Productions (total number of "shares" and "+1")

  • Corner Film on Instagram (total number of "liked")

  • "Casualties of the State" board on PinInterest (total number of "pins" and "likes")

  • Hey Corner Film on Tumblr (total number of "reblogged" and "likes")

  • Twitter @heyCornerFilm (total number of "retweeted" and "favorited")

The meme is "exclusively shared" through Corner Film's network because we need to drive user traffic to our movie website. We will count the shares made through our social network pages. We cannot account for other methods of sharing.

What do I do with the lines of text that aren't indexed to an image?

In those cases, the words speak for themselves. We want those memes to be blocks of text that are attractive or attention-getting.

These are good examples of blocks of text:
A short story - Text over picture - Quote of author

The source photos and text used belong to Corner Film Productions and/or Casualties of the State, the Movie, LLC. We grant you permission to make derivative works (that is, the "meme"). We will credit you as the artist of your work, but only for non-commercial purposes. In other words, the resulting memes must be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You grant us the right to use the memes for promotional purposes, in perpetuity.