"I was struck by the moral ambiguity all throughout the story – questions of what ends might justify what means, questions of good and evil. A first-rate job."
—Jim Althoff (NPR, St. Louis Higher Education Channel, Frames)

Actor David Robert Mueller introduces himself as an early drifter who lives a good, full life. He shares light-hearted stories about auditioning for our movie, working with fellow cast members, his admiration for the director, and thoughts about Casualties of the State and why you should see it.

Original pitch for our successfully completed crowd funding campaign. Alan (writer) & Elly (cinematographer) guide you behind the scenes, featuring interviews with crew members Scott Stoltz (associate producer), Dan Neves, Jamison Sweet (sound recordists), and Lauren Yates (actor).

Background on the founders of Corner Film, interviewed by Benita Arceneaux.

Actress Lauren Yates shares the love.

Casting Director Michael Ketcher praises cast and crew and compares our movie to drama-thrillers worthy of John Grisham and Shakespeare.

Two members of cast and crew share their experiences. Sandra Leicht had the supporting role of "Margaret Zoller," wife to principal character FBI Special Agent Phillip Zoller. Sandi's husband, Michael Leicht, took interest in our production and became the head of the lighting department.

Screenwriter Alan Lamberg shares where his story came from. Inspiration rooted in global events, in a post-9/11 world. How it's personal. "It's not political, it's moral."

Director Jeremy Cropf reveals how he asked Alan to write a feature film and came back with something unexpected.

Director Jeremy Cropf reflects on working with the cast and crew.

Kind words from Casting Director Erik Williams.

From Japan, Alan announces the Hollywood premiere of our movie at La Femme Film Festival, and more.