I have always believed that the strength of any great work of art lies not only in its ability to entertain on a visceral level but also to engage audiences on an intellectual and emotional level. Almost any movie can create a two-hour diversion. With Casualties of the State, a film that doesn't fit into any one genre category, I aim to tell a story that, with the aid of my talented cast and crew, will allow audiences to buy customized essays, especially what it means to be a patriot in the face of corruption.

Besides the visual design of a film or its technical value are the characters that make up the heart of the story and their ability to resonate on an emotional level with audiences of all ages. Screenwriter Alan Lamberg wrote a richly-textured screenplay and the pitch-perfect performance by our principal cast made the characters shine through. Every aspect of the film is much stronger for it. It is every filmmaker's dream to come across a project that has an intellectually and emotionally engaging story populated by strong characters. I'm grateful to have found one.

—Jeremy Cropf